iPad Air- Why I upgraded over the iPad Mini


During the first part of January I was bouncing back and forth between getting the new iPad Air and the first-gen iPad Mini.  While I still had my trusty iPad 3, I also have an insatiable appetite for new, shiny techy things, and on a practical level was trying to lighten the load in my bag by reducing number of items I was carrying around.  At the time, I had in my bag my laptop, the iPad 3, the 30-pin charger cord, my iPhone 5 lightning cord charger, and my Kindle Touch.  Full disclaimer: I am not independently wealthy, so I made sure to sell my iPad 3 on Amazon, along  with the smart cover to help fund this new relationship with my desired iPad.
Originally, I found an amazing open box deal on the first gen iPad Mini at Microcenter here in Dallas.  If you ever need a place to find great deals on lightly used products, be sure to check out a Microcenter if they are in your area.  I also purchased my iPad 3 here, and have since referred to friends to make their purchases here as well.  Impossible to beat prices, although you have to watch what you get since it could have a defect or two.  But if you’re willing to take the risk, it could save you 20% or more on the price of a still-new, premium product.  
While I liked the lightness of iPad Mini, a few things turned me off about about:
  1. Size:  While I originally thought I would like the form factor, after using it for a few hours I found it just wasn’t for me.  I also realized that it would not work for my job, where I often use the iPad for meetings to review documents with customers and prospects.  The screen was just too small for my liking.
  2. Screen Resolution: Because I had the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5, I was spoiled with the Retina Screen.  Moving back to a non-retina was something I didn’t want to do.
  3. Outdated tech: I’ll admit it, this is where I sound like a real snob.  But the fact is I couldn’t justify taking my money and investing in technology that was only going to be more outdated as I used it over the coming years.
Knowing that this was not going to be my solution, I was able to also sell this new-to-me iPad Mini on Amazon (which I would not recommend- will post on that later) and take my proceeds from both sales to buy an open-box iPad Air, Black, 16GB.  AND I LOVE IT!
Here’s why:
  • Weight:  It is amazing how “airy” this piece of technology is, and how clunky it makes the iPad 3 seem.  I can literally hold the Air with 2 fingers and read on it all day long.  Huge advantage over the iPad 3.
  • Screen: I cannot believe how clear and crisp this screen is, especially when comparing to the non-retina Mini.
  • Speed: Running multiple apps on this device is a breeze, as is switching back and forth.  I have not had any issues with the iPad keeping up even when streaming movies our Apple TV, emailing, checking Twitter, etc. all at once.
I know my needs are not for everyone, and there are plenty of others who have fallen in love with the 1st gen iPad Mini and the new iPad Mini with Retina screen.  My good friend Zach never leaves home without his Mini, and has it loaded to the gills with apps that make it a virtual 2nd laptop for him.  For me, it just didn’t fit the  bill.
There are some things I miss about my old trusty iPad 3 though, mainly my Logitech Keyboard.  While it seems counterintuitive to want a keyboard for the iPad, the iteration I had for the iPad 3 was a lifesaver for small airplane seats (I’m looking at you, American Eagle), distraction free writing, using the DayOne Journaling App, etc.  Due to the iPad Air’s new form factor, it just doesn’t work anymore.  Perhaps that will be a purchase down the road one pops up at Microcenter.
What about you?  What technology changes have you made recently, or are considering making in the near future?

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